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Our Message
In the absence of a responsible water-side management program, it pays to be aware of the signs of impending trouble. If you answer "yes" to any of the questions below, some changes are in order.

Do any of these describe your heated, chilled or ground system care?

  • Water analysis is not performed.
  • Corrosion rates are not measured.
  • Sodium nitrite treatment is used.
  • Annual chemical costs exceed $30 per system.
  • You don't know what treatment is added or why.
  • Treatment chemicals are added on a time schedule.
  • Protection is designed around a line of brand-name products.

Do any of your heated, chilled or ground systems exhibit these symptoms?

  • Low-pH water (< 8.0 pH).
  • Cloudy, off-color or foul-smelling water.
  • High-conductivity water (> 4000 umhos/cm).
  • Rusting, pitting, grooving, deposits or scale.
  • Zone-valve, pump-seal or boiler-tube failure.

We adhere to the NSPE Engineers' Creed, and pledge to place service before profit,
to honor public welfare over personal advantage
, to be faithful agents for each client,
and to perform our work according to the highest standards of professional conduct.