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The purpose of water analysis and chemical treatment is to maximize the efficiency and longevity of heat-transfer surfaces. Your interests are best served by a professional whose focus is managing heat-transfer efficiencies over the long term. 

With an HVAC chemist:

  • Complete protection costs about $1 a day.
  • Professional chemist manages chemistries.
  • Chemicals are undiluted, active ingredients.
  • Chemical feeders are given free-of-charge.
  • Corrosion monitors install on any faucet.
  • Reports are full-color, customized e-docs.
  • Glycol reservoirs are kept clear of growth.
  • Leaks are sealed before damage occurs.
  • Dirty system glycol is reclaimed in-place.
  • Volume is measured with fluorescent dye.

With a water treatment company:

  • Costs vary, but average over $5 a day.
  • Sales representative manages chemistries.
  • Chemicals are diluted, proprietary products.
  • Chemical feeders are expensive upgrades.
  • Corrosion monitors install on special racks.
  • Reports are hand-written on generic forms.
  • Contaminated glycol reservoirs are drained.
  • Floors and ceilings are removed to fix leaks.
  • Old system glycol is flushed down the drain.
  • Volume is calculated for each tank and pipe.


We adhere to the NSPE Engineers' Creed, and pledge to place service before profit,
to honor public welfare over personal advantage
, to be faithful agents for each client,
and to perform our work according to the highest standards of professional conduct.