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Most chemical blends are priced at over $20 a gallon, but contain less than $2-worth of active ingredients. This makes them a great value for the seller, and a poor one for the buyer. Treatment chemicals are not inherently costly; they should be the least expensive part of a protective program.

Water Treatment Companies Do Not Serve Your Best Interest
The object of most water treatment programs is to promote the use
of proprietary, brand-name products.  Whether the supplier does the analyses or provides you with test kits, the focus is product sales, not system science. 

Protection Is A Process, Not A Product
The object of a water treatment program should be to optimize heat-transfer efficiency and system longevity while minimizing cost. System protection should be supervised by those who are professionally-responsible for the lifelong well-being of the system. A comprehensive protective monitoring program costs less per year than 10 gallons of brand-name water treatment.


We adhere to the NSPE Engineers' Creed, and pledge to place service before profit,
to honor public welfare over personal advantage
, to be faithful agents for each client,
and to perform our work according to the highest standards of professional conduct.