Protective Monitoring
Protective monitoring is a program of periodic water analysis and preventive action applied in the most effective, efficient and affordable way possible.
Hydronic Loop Program: $95 Per Quarter Of System Operation

Affordable Options
Convenient and economical solutions are applied to everyday HVAC
not covered by the protective monitoring program.

Clean & Feed: $275
Glycol Recycling
: Saves 85% Over Flushing & Refilling
Sludge Dissolution: $750
Volume Test: $95

Educational Resources
As a public service, our HVAC chemists offer non-commercial, best-practice materials and guidance to plant managers, facilities engineers and their staff.
How-To Handbook: FREE
Self-Evaluation: FREE


We adhere to the NSPE Engineers' Creed, and pledge to place service before profit,
to honor public welfare over personal advantage
, to be faithful agents for each client,
and to perform our work according to the highest standards of professional conduct.