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Chemical Feeder
Pressure FeederReliable, lightweight feeder is provided for systems lacking traditional pot/shot/by-pass feeders. Portable pressure feeder requires no relief valves, gauges, timers, meters or electricity, and is nearly fail-proof. Replaces . Employs ambient air and pressure generated by a hand-pump to feed treatment via any system faucet.

Laboratory Report
Samples are analyzed the day they arrive, and results are recorded in a clean, color-coded layout. Reports are emailed to you and posted online in your client area, available for viewing any time.

Preventive Treatment
Preventive TreatmentEach treatment chemical is packaged, pure and undiluted,
in a small bottle as a unit dose, which is the quantity needed
to correct the chemistry of 1000 gallons of water. When treatment is required, the report indicates the number of
unit doses to be added to the system.

Chemicals are:

  • Approved system additives, with well-known protective mechanisms.
  • Fed using any commercial chemical feeder or ones we supply.
  • Chemically-compatible with one another.
  • Effective at very low concentrations.
  • Biodegradable and easy-to-handle.
  • Safe to hold in general storage.

    Dipotassium Phosphate
    Also Known As: Phosphate
    Action: pH-buffer, corrosion-inhibitor
    Unit Dose: 15 pounds
    Safe Zone: >1000 ppm

    Kevlar Aramid Pulp
    Also Known As: Kevlar
    Action: stop-leak
    Unit Dose: 5 grams
    Safe Zone: NA

    Quaternary Ammonium Chloride
    Also Known As: Quat
    Action: anti-microbial
    Unit Dose: 1 ounce
    Safe Zone: 5-10 ppm

    Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate

    Also Known As: Sarcosinate
    Action: corrosion-inhibitor
    Unit Dose: 8 ounces
    Safe Zone: 30-50 ppm

    Sodium Sulfite
    Also Known As: Sulfite
    Action: oxygen-scavenger

    Unit Dose: 14 ounces
    Safe Zone: 30-50 ppm

    Sodium Tetraborate
    Also Known As: Borate
    Action: pH-buffer

    Unit Dose: 12 pounds
    Safe Zone: pH 9-10

Sampling Kit

Sampling KitThe kit will arrive at your door when it is time to sample. Everything you need to obtain a sample and mail it to our
lab is provided. Includes color-coded, customized labels,
clear instructions, and postage-paid return mailer.

Kevlar PulpKevlar P
ulp has the perfect fiber size and geometry to flow through hydronic loop pumps and pipes. Supplied at the proper dose, it quickly plugs holes smaller than 3/8", but
does not interfere with valves or larger system apertures.

System Monitor
System Monitor
A system monitor consists of a filament of mild steel,
wrapped with a fine copper wire, and embedded in the
threads of a small nylon bolt. When in place on a system faucet, the system monitor experiences corrosion, scaling
and fouling at the same rate as the system. It provides direct, visual documentation of interior conditions. After a year of exposure, the system monitor is returned to the laboratory where it is graded, photographed and archived. The photograph is posted online in your client area, available for viewing any time.


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