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Protective Monitoring Is A Partnership Between Professionals
We are HVAC chemists who specialize in the water-side management of heated, chilled and ground loops. You are HVAC technicians, maintenance foremen and mechanical engineers who know the equipment and its particular history. Each side brings expertise that is essential to successful, long-term system protection.  A few coordinated minutes every few months, between your crew and our lab, is all that the program requires. Our relationship during one cycle of the program is described below.


You Draw A Sample
When it is time to test, you receive a customized sampling kit
You draw a sample and send it to us in the mailer provided.

We Analyze Sample, Prescribe Action And Supply Treatment
We analyze for critical chemistries, interpret the results and generate your report.
If no action is necessary, we post the report and the cycle is complete.
If action is necessary, we prescribe the correct preventive action.

You Take Action, If Prescribed
If necessary, you add preventive treatment, and the cycle is complete. 
Chemical feeders are provided for systems lacking appropriate equipment.


We Document Performance

Every year, we supply a system monitor to track corrosion, scaling and fouling.
You place the monitor on any system faucet, open the valve, and leave it.
After one year of exposure, we examine, grade and photograph the monitor.


We adhere to the NSPE Engineers' Creed, and pledge to place service before profit,
to honor public welfare over personal advantage
, to be faithful agents for each client,
and to perform our work according to the highest standards of professional conduct.