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Field-Tested Innovations Solve Common System Problems
Convenient and economical solutions are applied to everyday HVAC
not covered by the protective monitoring program.
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Clean & Feed Kit: $275
Provides the materials needed to perform proper pre-operational cleaning of a new or repaired hydronic loop, and to protect it during the first few weeks of operation. Price includes: pre-measured quantity of cleaning agent, water-quality test strips, and preventive treatment.

Glycol Recycling: Saves 85% Over Flushing & Refilling
Provides portable, rented deionizing units that attach to any system side-arm. The on-site process is complete in a matter of hours, yielding clean glycol and pure water. Independent Culligan stores provide unit-rental and resin-regeneration; we provide fluid clean-up verification and preventive treatment follow-up. Cost varies with fluid volume and quality. 

Sludge Dissolution: $750
Safely and permanently dissolves and sequesters the troublesome sludge that forms when hard water is added to phosphate-inhibited glycol.  Price includes: sampling kits, pre-treatment analysis, pre-measured quantity of sequestering agent, and post-treatment analysis.

Volume Test: $95
Provides an accurate assessment of system volume. System fluid is sampled, a precise quantity of fluorescent dye is circulated through the system, system fluid is re-sampled, and dye-concentration is measured. Price includes: sampling kit, fluorescent dye, and fluorometer analysis.


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