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Many Organizations Have Successfully Implemented Protective Monitoring
School districts, engineering firms, building contractors and manufacturing companies have enrolled their hydronic loops in the protective monitoring program. These plant managers and facilities engineers can attest to the efficacy of the program, and to the thousands of dollars it saves them every year. 


  • Hilton Garden Inn
    Harold Shorette, Chief Engineer: (207) 631-0146


  • Millenium Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
    Robert Lukason, Senior Maintenance Technician: (763) 255-5626
  • GR Mechanical Plumbing & Heating
    Greg Reinking, Owner: (763) 428-2663
  • Tharaldson Hospitality Management
    Terry Petrich, Project Coordinator: (701) 271-2735


  • Oregon School District
    Henry Gleason, Director Of Operations: (608) 835-4046
  • Marshall Public Schools
    Dave Farwell, Faciity Services Coordinator: (608) 655-3466 x1004

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