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Protective Monitoring Is Engineered Protection For About $1 A Day
Protective monitoring is a program of periodic water analysis and preventive action applied in the most effective, efficient and affordable way possible. Properly-engineered, non-proprietary methods are used to maintain critical water chemistries within safe zones, thereby holding corrosion, scaling and fouling to negligible levels.
Systems enrolled in the program benefit from the supervision of an HVAC chemist using methods developed and refined over a 40-year span of consulting and field work. Starting is as easy as requesting a free transition kit. Click here for the brochure.



  • Fixed program cost makes budgeting easy.
  • System efficiency and longevity are maximized.
  • Program performance is directly-documented.
  • Sampling is organized and scheduled for you.
  • System “bill of health” is apparent at a glance.
  • What is added and what it does is always clear.
  • System history is accessible from any computer.

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